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If you love music join NYC guitar artist Lou Volpe on his weekly podcast. The “Jazz Cast” will feature interviews from industry insiders, tips on guitar technique (solo style and with a group), composition, some interesting stories about performing and recording with various musical artists and of course Lou’s jazz music. Visit us online at and be sure to subscribe to our podcast.
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If you love music join NYC guitar artist Lou Volpe on his weekly podcast. The “Jazz Cast” will feature interviews from industry insiders, tips on guitar technique (solo style and with a group), composition, some interesting stories about performing and recording with various musical artists and of course Lou’s jazz music. 

Jan 7, 2019

This latest jazzcast features a live Quartet version of Green Dolphin Street (inspired by Lou's time playing with Herbie Hancock) along with the latest compositions written for the new album, "Before and After".

Listen to studio versions of new music along with standards as Lou plays a spirited performance of a jazz standard!

Hear the music used to demo the feel and groove of the latest upcoming release.


Aug 24, 2018

Join Lou on a journey from the composing desk to the recording studio and to the concert stage.

Lou shares his songwriting methods with sketches of compositions for the new album.

Then into the studio and on to the concert performance stage with the Quartet. 

Different guitar tones and sounds are featured throughout this high energy podcast.

Jan 23, 2018

From "straight ahead" to Contemporary, the trio and Guitar Choir are showcased in this episode of original compositions.

Rhythm and groove come first. Then, different guitar sounds and musical backdrops to bring out some of the best of Lou's unique style. Enjoy!

Oct 10, 2017

This episode features different guitar tones and sounds to demonstrate how they can affect the overall attitude and message of the melody or the whole song.

Hear Lou play a live solo from his last concert at the Dizzy Gillespie Theater along with other originals and standards.

The acoustic guitar sound is also used to hear the great contrast of tone.

Aug 3, 2017

This latest podcast brings out Lou's "Les Paul" roots in a few American standards.

An original piece, "Perseguidor de Suenos" uses a waltz or triplet feeling against a samba groove on top of a Spanish inspired melody!

The idea of simple and beautiful Melodies are also explored along with a "live" version of a classic.


May 13, 2017

The basics of arranging music for a recording session are explored as Lou plays a new take on Stella.

The big band is back in this episode with a rousing Trumpet section, not to mention the Trombones, Saxes and Rhythm section!

An acoustic guitar tone is featured on the pensive "Mountain Stream".

The Quartet is also highlighted in this recording from our concert last year at the Dizzy Gillespie Theater. A new take on a classic.

Mar 30, 2017

Listen to multiple guitars respond and "play off" each other in the first segment with "But Not Really For Me".

Hear an arrangement written for a full orchestra, but played with different guitar sounds and tones to simulate the different instrument parts.

Also featured in this episode is a little story about Lou's sessions for the great Miles Davis and "guitar sounds".

And a live performance with the Quartet and Green Dolphin Street.


Jan 27, 2017

Get an up-close view of jazz guitar duo playing a fresh take on a few of Lou's original tunes and the trio live with a different interpretation of "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic".

Also in this Episode is a little story of Lou's meeting and playing with George Benson for the first time.

Nov 22, 2016

Episode #16 brings you into Jazz Guitar and shows you some of the nuts and bolts of Lou’s writing and arranging for guitar, jazz trio, and  a big band. 

Included is a new big band arrangement on a song that Lou is writing but orchestrating it here with guitars rather than horns. Enjoy!


Sep 5, 2016

This latest episode talks about how different melodies, rhythms, music styles, or a particular sound or tone of the lead instrument or voice can effect the listener's emotions: to feel happy or sad or melancholy, or joyful, exhilarated or just plain old feel-good. 

"Whether you hear John Coltrane on the tenor or soprano saxophone, or Carlos Santana hitting that beautiful perfect note at just the right moment, or any breathtaking moment, you can experience energy, or relaxed or just feel great!"

Piano and guitar "trade-offs" are also highlighted as the rhythm and the pulse build-up throughout this podcast.

Jul 28, 2016
This episode focuses on rhythm, in particular the rhythm guitar. 
The importance of a good feeling "groove" is demonstrated in a live performance featuring a wonderful drummer and fine percussionist. 
Lou says, "I find I get such a positive response to my music when the audience "feels" the rhythm. They relate more to the song and the performance."
A spirited live version of Lou's ASTRAL ISLAND (from a concert at Dizzy Gillespie Auditorium) is included along with other examples of studio tracks and "live in studio" guitar work to feature rhythm guitar!


Jun 16, 2016

Hear Lou play "live" at the club and in the studio as the Blues, Jazz, and Contemporary Jazz are demonstrated and talked about.

Original songs and productions are used to show the different styles and rhythms (grooves) that the guitar is at home with and enhances. 

Guitar and piano interplay is demonstrated on Lou's original "If You Should Leave".

A good episode for listening, feeling "up" and great for Driving!

May 17, 2016

Visit the studio and the live stage with Lou talking about his style of producing or arranging a song for recording or a "live show".

Plus, some double guitar tracks of original music dedicated to and in the spirit of John Coltrane, Herbie Mann and Lou's Jazz Quartet.

21.5 minutes of perfect drive-time and listening grooves in this episode!

Apr 28, 2016

This latest episode plays and talks about songs and composing ideas. Good rhythm and different grooves, then arranging a piece for a big band plus a string section for a Jazz Guitar point of view.

Hear some new takes on tunes from Lou's CDs.

A technique for writing melodies and lead parts is explored also. Like riffing over various chord patterns. And more.

Mar 28, 2016

Listen to a "live" performance of  the new arrangement of "Tenderly" with the trio. A guitar solo leads into a swing rhythm with the bass and drums a la Ray Brown and Shelley Manne. Somewhat reminiscent of a Barney Kessel (one of Lou's favorite guitarists) production.

Hear the "guitar choir" backing the melody on an alternate take of "Spanish Harlem" from the "Undercovers" CD.

There is also a 3 guitar rendition of Lou's "Can You Hear That?". And more... like the almost finished groove of "Gretsch Groove"

Mar 14, 2016

This episode features a visit to the studio with guitar playing "live" to tracks of the rhythm section from the new CD, "Remembering Ol' Blue Eyes".

 Lou talks about his first harmony and arranging teacher and writing a new harmony or different chord structure for a melody. The standard tune, "It Could Happen To You" is played to show this "re-harmony".  

Rhythm grooves and combinations are discussed and demonstrated on an up-tempo arrangement of "Softly As In A Morning Sunrise".

There is also a new rendition of Lou's "Sweet Miss 'T'" with two guitars.

Feb 23, 2016

Follow Lou into the recording process from guitar demo to a master recording session for his "Hear And Now" CD featuring versions of "Softly As In A Morning Sunrise".

Jazz Guitar for TV is also explored in this episode during Lou's segment on being staff guitarist for the Dick Cavett Show.

Feb 5, 2016

This podcast features Lou playing and talking about his first arrangements and compositions. Judy Collins' live performances would feature Lou's guitar and composing skills, which led to many arranging and production gigs in New York.

There is also a sample of one of Lou's big band recording sessions! Including his Jazz guitar roots.

Jan 13, 2016

Hear Lou talk about integrating the music and harmonies of the great and innovative John Coltrane into his guitar playing, composing, and solos. How the star of the Miles Davis' group would re-harmonize...almost re-write songs of the great American composers: George and Ira Gershwin, Nancy Hamilton, Morgan Lewis, Cole Porter. Lou demonstrates this music on the guitar along and with his group and talks about how studying it, developing a technique from it and living with the music note for note influenced his music and his world.

Dec 2, 2015

New York City guitarist Lou Volpe talks about his performances and recordings with the great Bette Midler, his first major tour, the lifestyle of rehearsing and playing in LA (Hollywood to be exact) and features guitar performances of music he wrote and played from that time. Also discussed is a technique he developed for solo guitar playing inspired by the legendary piano greats of jazz, like Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum, McCoy Tyner, Wynton Kelly, Tommy Flannigan, Hank Jones and others. The acoustic guitar is used to demonstrate this style.

Sep 23, 2015

Lou shares some behind the scenes experiences and some funny scenarios while working as a theater or Broadway show musician playing in the orchestra pit. Movie and entertainer legend, Mickey Rooney was starring in a production Lou was playing in. Hear how Mickey got into the hearts of all the musicians in the orchestra.

Also covered is Lou's first "Guitar Seminar & Class". A 6 week course with the goal of getting 20 students with guitar skills ranging from total beginner to advanced guitarist, to feel and play the blues and perform George Harrison's "My Guitar Gently Weeps". A lofty challenge for sure. But, hear how these students rose to the occasion.

Aug 13, 2015

In this episode Lou talks about his first guitar teacher who had a very unusual teaching technique, his first meeting with Les Paul during his high school days, playing with Les at the Irridium in New York City a few years ago and learning to arrange for big band through lessons with guitarist, Sal Salvador. 

He also reflects on his gigs with Roberta Flack, some pre-show rituals of various groups and a tribute concert honoring George Harrison.... Along with some music associated with these wonderful artists. 


Aug 11, 2015

We talk about and listen to music and some stories behind the music while playing guitar accompanying the great soul singer, Chaka Khan, the always amazing Grammy winning pianist, Herbie Hancock and the legendary Freddie Hubbard on trumpet.

Hear Lou play his versions of songs he did with these great icons of Jazz, plus talk a little about Arif Mardin at Atlantic Records and the impromptu gig he played with the great Freddie Hubbard at Italy's Perugia Jazz Festival!

Aug 11, 2015

Thanks for joining us on our first podcast. In our first episode jazz guitar artist Lou Volpe from New York City talks about jazz music, technique, composition and shares some stories about preforming and recording with musical artists Herbie Mann and Peggy Lee.